"Lullaby of the tiger"  TORA NO KOMORIUTA

3/2/2019~24/2/2019 (mm/dd/yyyy)

 Tiger was playing the piano in the circus, but he left the circus because he was old. He left the circus and got a single old piano. And he came back to the forest. Because he hope to live with fellow of animals, and to play the piano to the fellow. However, in the forest, GHOST of Boom Rampage! 

2019-02-03 AM10:30 PM14:00 

2019-02-09 PM14:00 

2019-02-10 AM10:30 PM14:00 

2019-02-11 AM10:30 

2019-02-16 PM14:00 

2019-02-17 AM10:30 

2019-02-24 AM10:30 PM14:00 


Advance:3,130Yen (Under 3:free)

Please pay the ticket fee at the entrance on the performance day.

All seats are open seating.